Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Varnoch Grove - Under Daylight & Tungsten September 2011

This is Varnoch Grove, drawn with pencil and charcoal September 2011.

The first photograph is taken under artificial daylight (i.e. cool blue white) the second photograph is taken under tungsten (i.e. warm light). You can see this makes a big difference to how the picture looks. The first photograph has a directable LED beam and so the sky has been focussed on to give the illusion of light in the picture, where the tree canopies are. The lighting conditions under which a picture is viewed clearly and sometimes dramatically alters the nature of what is seen. If you can the internet for famous paintings you will notice many different images for one painting due to the different lighting conditions of photography. The question may arise, What does the real image look like? Of course there is no true answer to this as seeing as the picture can not be viewed without light and every light will alter the way the picture looks. You may be able to make an argument that warm light is an artificial light and therefore the artificial daylight is the most normal rendition of an image as seeing as warm light needs technology/electricity. However, daylight changes under natural atmospheric conditions (season, elevation of the Sun, cloud etc). Warm light can also be imitated with a natural source such as fire (such as candlelight or a fireplace), so it can not be said that warm light is altogether artificial either.

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  1. wow........its amazing brow,indonesian says "bagus"