Gallery No.2 - Symbolic Expressionism

Gallery No.2 - Symbolic Expressionism by Zayd Depaor
All Names of Allah from the Qura'n, painted in the style of Symbolic Expressionism according to the Islamic Tradition. All oil on canvas except 'Al Haadee - The Guide' which is acrylic on canvas.
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 Al Ahad - The One

 Al Haadee - The Guide

 Al Kafeel - The Guarantor

 Al Mubeen - The Clear

 Al Muta'aal - The Exalted

 Al Musta'aan - The One Whose Help is Sought

 Arhamur Raahimeen - Most Merciful of the Merciful

 Ash Shaheed - The Witness

 Dhu Maghfirah li-Naas - Possessor of Forgiveness for Mankind

 Dhu Fadl a'lan Naas - Possessor of Bounty for Mankind

 Dhur Rahmah - Possessor of Mercy

 Dhu Rahmatin Waasia'h - Possessor of Vast Mercy

 Faaliqul Habbi wan Nawa - Cleaver of the Seed and the Fruit Stone

Faatirus Samaawaati wal Ard - Creator of the Heavens and the Earth

 Ghaafir adh-Dhanb - Forgiver of Sin

 Jaami'un Naas - Gatherer of Mankind

 Khayrul Waaritheen - Best of Inheritors

 Khayrun Haafizan - Best Preserver

 Maleekin Muqtadirin - Omnipotent King

 Mukhrij al Mayyit min al Hayy - Extractor of the Dead from the Living

Qaabil at Tawb - Acceptor of Repentance 

Rabbis Samaawaati wal Ardi wa maa baynahumaa - Lord of the heavens and the Earth and all that is between them

 Ar Raoo'f - The Kind

 Waasi'ul Maghfirah - Vast in Forgiveness

 Wali-ul Muttaqeen - Ally of the Godfearing

 Al Kaafee - The Sufficient

Malikul Mulk - King of the Dominion


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