Gallery No.3 - Symbolic Abstract Expressionism

Gallery No.3 - Symbolic Abstract Expressionism by Zayd Depaor
All Names of Allah from the Qura'n, painted in the style of Symbolic Abstract Expressionism according to the Islamic Tradition. All oil on canvas except 'Al Qadeer - The All Capable' which is acrylic on canvas.
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 Ahkam al Haakimeen - Most Judicious of Lawgivers

 Al Aakhir - The Last

 Al Aa'la - The Most High

 Al A'fuw - The Pardoning

 Al Akram - The Most Noble

 Al A'leem - The All Knowing

 Al A'lee - The High

 Al Awwal - The First

 Al A'zeem - The Magnificent

 Al A'zeez - The Almighty

 Al Baaree' - The Originator

 Al Baatin - The Hidden

 Al Barr - The Good

 Al Fattaah - The Opener

 Al Ghafoor - The All Forgiving

 Al Ghanee - The Rich, Independent

 Al Haadee - The Guide

 Al Hafee

 Al Hafeez - The All Preserving

 Al Hakam - The Judge

 Al Hakeem - The All Wise

 Al Haleem - The Forbearing 

 Al Hameed - The All Praiseworthy

 Al Haqq - The Real

Al Haseeb - The All Accounting

 Al Hayy - The Living

 Al Jabbaar - The Ever Compelling

 Al Kabeer - The Great

 Al Kareem - The All Noble

 Al Khaaliq - The Creator

 Al Khabeer - The All Aware

 Al Khallaaq - The Ever Creating

 Al Lateef - The Subtle

 Al Majeed - The Glorious

 Al Malik - The King

 Al Mateen 

 Al Mawlaa - The Protector

 Al Muhaymin - The Overseer

 Al Muheet - The All Encompassing

 Al Mujeeb - The All Responding

Al Mu'min - The Giver of Security

 Al Muqeet - The All Powerful

 Al Musawwir - The Fashioner of Forms

 Al Mutakabbir

 Al Qaadir - The Capable

 Al Qaahir - The Overwhelming

 Al Qadeer - The All Capable

 Al Qahhaar - The Ever Overwheming

 Al Qareeb - The All Near

Al Qawee - The All Strong

 Al Qayyoom

 Al Quddoos - The All Holy

 Al Waahid - The One

 Al Waasi' - The Vast

 Al Wadood - The Loving

 Al Wahhaab - The Ever Bestowing

 Al Wakeel

 Al Walee - The Ally

 A'llaamul Ghuyoob - The Ever Knowing of the Unseen

 Ar Rabb - The Lord

 Ar Raheem - The Merciful

 Ar Rahmaan - The All Merciful

 Ar Raqeeb - The Ever Watchful

 Ar Razzaaq - The Ever Providing

 As Salaam - The Giver of Peace

 As Samad

 As Samee' - The Ever Hearing

 Ash Shaakir - The Grateful

 An Naseer - The All Helping

 Ash Shakoor - The All Grateful

 Asrau'l Haasibeen - Swiftest of Accounters

 At Tawwaab - The Ever Accepting of Repentance

 Az Zaahir - The Manifest

 Dhu'l Fadlil A'zeem - Possessor of the Magnificent Bounty

 Dhu Fadlin A'zeem - Possessor of Magnificent Bounty

 Dhu Intiqaam - Possessor of Vengeance

Dhu'l Jalaali wal Ikraam - Possessor of Majesty and Nobility

 Dhu'l A'rsh - Possessor of the Throne

 Khayrun Naasireen - Best of Helpers

 Khayrul Ghaafireen - Best of Forgivers

 Khayrul Munzileen - Best of Bringers to Land

 Khayrul Raaziqeen - Best of Providers

 Ni'm al Qaadiroon - Best of the Capable

 Ni'm an Naseer - Best Helper

 Rabbul Ard - Lord of the Earth

 Rabbul I'zzah - Lord of Honour

 Rabbus Samaawaat - Lord of the Heavens

Saree'al I'qaab - Swift in Punishment

 Shadeedul A'dhaab - Severe in Torment

Shadeedul I'qaab - Severe in Punishment

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