Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Welcome to my Art Blog

Hello/Salam to anyone who is looking and reading. I am Zayd Depaor, this is my new art blog dedicated to my artistic vision. 

I hope it will be a useful commentary and exposition on my work. I have quite a lot of works to put up here and I am continuing to work on a large project.

Please do leave feedback, comments, questions and anything else you think is relevant.

I am also a writer and filmmaker, i do have a filmmaking blog which I started quite recently

The painting above is called 'The Witness' (Ash Shaheed) in Arabic it is one of the Names of God in Arabic which can be found in the Qura'n. It is an oil painting on canvas painted in the style of Symbolic Expressionism. Much can be said about the symbolism in this painting but I will leave that for now.