Thursday, 6 October 2011

Ditton Park, Berkshire - 26th September 2011

This impressionist location sketch is based on a view of Ditton Park, Berkshire. The House was once owned by the Crown under the reign of Elizabeth I. It is also the place where the British Radar Defence system was conceived in the 1930's.

I sketched this in pencil alone, 6B for the darkest areas.

From the photograph below, you can see that I have changed many features and given my usual loose and impressionist-expressionist treatment of topography, effectively recreating many of the elements of the scene. 

The overall effect on the viewer is that he will recognize the scene to be the real scene before him but also not recognize it to be the reality before. General but not in particular detail, impressionistically but not photographically, artistically but not scientifically.

You would perhaps prefer to live in the real building with straight walls rather than my somewhat distorted impression with expectedly unstable walls.

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