Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Bridge at Black Potts Weir, 8th October 2011

This is the bridge at Black Potts Viaduct, a railway bridge over the Jubilee River. Under the Viaduct is a Weir, so the area can be referred to as either Black Potts Weir or Black Potts Viaduct (the later more appropriate if you are crossing by train).

I have taken my usual liberty with altering some features of the landscape but its main elements are recognizable enough.

Its hard to see much purpose to this bridge as it doesn't really seem to lead anywhere, as further up there is a road bridge and footpath next to it while this bridge seems to lead into a tiny area of woods leading on to short path connected back to the road bridge! Its almost like the bridge was installed as a joke for hikers, to make them think they may actually be getting somewhere. Perhaps it is just for a few residents on the other side where the River Thames connects.

This is a quiet area and although the odd jogger might run past or a local family on their afternoon stroll, it is a place on the outskirts of Eton towards Datchet. It isn't a place where people are usually likely to explore or even find.

This bridge was the place I filmed several scenes for my short abstract expressionist film 'Surface Blur', towards the end of that film you can see the Black Potts Viaduct.

This is production still from 'Surface Blur' taken on the bridge itself:-
Here is the film itself:-


The bridge also appears in my short film, 'Inspired Thought', here is a beuatiful production still from that film, taken from a similar but different view to the sketch:-

Here is the film 'Inspired Thought - Jungfrau Director's Cut' where you see the bridge clearly in a couple of scenes, you also see Black Potts Weir:-

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