Friday, 18 November 2011

Coldscape No.2 - Freehand Digital - 18th November 2011 & a word on Linux

This is Coldscape No.2 I did this with KolourPaint a basic draw/paint application on Linux similar to MS-Paint for Windows.

For those wondering why I'm using Linux (an operating system that runs your hardware and runs software applications, like Microsoft Windows but different), I started using it after my 3rd major MS-Windows crash where I lost data. I started looking into Linux and since turning to it, have not gone back to Windows unless I had to for some software or hardware need, usually that does not occur. I have found Linux to be faster, more efficient, more stable, with more choice, zero cost and ZERO VIRUSES thank God.  Also no suspicious noises coming from the hard drive with Linux.

If you want more convincing about Linux, see here:-

Linux comes in many different 'distributions' and each distribution has many versions, a couple of the most popular at the moment are Linux Mint and Ubuntu, but there are many other distributions like Fedora, Debian etc. Here are links for Mint and Ubuntu:-


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