Friday, 18 November 2011

Coldscape No.1 - Freehand Digital - 3rd November 2011

I don't really want to get into doing digital art, I prefer to stick to the old school, olden day ways. I actually prefer handwriting on paper as opposed to typing on a computer screen too.

I did this with KolourPaint a basic draw/paint application on Linux similar to MS-Paint for Windows. I have tried to work in the same way I would with pencil or charcoal, a bit difficult using a mouse like a pencil though, especially if a cat's in the room

I do like the intense colour, marks and contrast that come out in digital art though. I guess that is like the difference between sketching in pen and ink as opposed to pencil.

You can do a good drawing in light pencil but the closeness of colour between the markings of graphite don't do the drawing justice until you use darker softer pencil or charcoal.

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