Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Announcing of DISSIDENT DOORWAY published by CRYPTO COMICS

I am announcing first concept features from my new comic book project DISSIDENT DOORWAY to be published by CRYPTO COMICS.

I have been composing conceptual cartoons for a few years now and always had the idea to publish them in one book, but came to the conclusion a couple of weeks ago that I can author a whole comic book.
I have already mapped out various features and characters for the comic and it will include socio-cultural commentary, political art, conceptual cartoons and various super-villains. The comic will be full of symbolism and allegorical, metaphorical, exegetical  exposition.

Some of the super villians to be included include the following:-

  • Freddie Fearmonger
  • Harry Hoax
  • Edwin Establishment
  • Don Disaster
  • Simon Smooth 
Another psycho-analytical character feature will be the psychoanalyst Alexei Analysis

One interactive feature of DISSIDENT DOORWAY will be a feature called Blank Bubbles, where the final or only dialogue bubble will be left blank for readers to add their own creative, comedic, political or interpretive/analytical speech.

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